The best permanent protection for ceramic tiles on market – It’s TileGUARD 900

TileGUARD 900 is unique premium quality, strong hydrophobic, easy-clean and non-stick coating for all kinds of glazed and non glazed ceramic tiles, marble and granite. Once applied enable easy-clean surface. New formed ultra thin, super strong film act as a protective barrier preventing direct contact of water and ceramic tiles. Hard water is everywhere. After each single shower, the amount of limescale strongly build up and adhere on unprotected ceramic tiles or marble. Cleaning of these spots require lot of time, efforts, strong and dangerous chemicals combined with unpleasant experience.

TileGUARD 900 is a great time, money and labour savior when it comes to cleaning. Reduce cleaning time up to 90% making maintenance of hygiene much easier. TileGUARD 900 is 100% clear protective coating for glossy and matte ceramic tiles, granite and marble. New formed non-stick film reject all deposits and protect tiles making perfect hygiene permanently easy. Indoor and outdoor applications are both possible.When applied, TileGUARD 900 coating is between 1-3 micron thick, temperature resistant ranging from -80C up to 500C ( -112 up to 932 F). Chemical and cleaning resistant. Effectively last up to 8 years on new, non –contaminated and indoor surfaces. German quality product.

50 ml pack cover between 10-12 m2 of ceramic tiles.



TileGUARD 900 DIY Kit include:

-50 ml coating

-application pad

-application manual


TileGUARD 900 eliminates limescale stains on ceramic tiles before they happen!

Easy application of TileGUARD 900 coating on ceramic tiles make them automatically resistant to hard water spots and limescale stains. Lower cost of cleaning, significantly shortened cleaning time and labour saving are the key elements for increased efficiency and profit. After each single shower hard water leaves spots, limescale and stainswhich are hard to wipe off unprotected ceramic tiles. 











Unprotected ceramic tiles are subject to progressive limescale contamination
Who likes to hardly clean and scrub limescale from ceramic tiles?
TileGUARD 900 brings you impressive and more EASY SAVINGS!  Make a progress in your everyday life, your every day use of shower, your everyday ceramic tiles hygiene maintenance and cleanliness.

Have you ever wonder how much time you spent each year to keep your ceramic tiles clean?
Simply apply TileGUARD 900, a hydrophobic and Easy-clean coat on your ceramic tiles and save your time, money, labour costs and stress. Ceramic tiles collect great amount of contamitants, soap scum, hard water stains and dirt deposits. Much easily remove all debris from non-stick coated ceramic tiles.








TileGUARD 900 acts as a protective barrier between ceramic tiles and contamitants

Newly formed, non-stick film strongly bonds to the surface safe guarding ceramic tiles from contamination. TileGUARD 900 film is resistant to cleaning and chemicals.  While taking shower water drops simply bead off the hydrophobic surface and disperse from ceramic tiles. Use simple wet sponge or cloth and clean the tiles and tiles will be perfectly clean without any use of harsh chemicals. TileGUARD protects ceramic tiles for a couple of years.











Surface preparation & application
It is recommended to protect ceramic tiles against limescale, hard water spots, stains, soap scum, food and liquid deposits in areas where most contaminats are collected such as areas arround or near shower cabins, tubs, sinks, owens, etc.
Preparation and application:
NOTICE: Wear protective gloves, mask and googles when applying this product.
To get the highest potential of TileGUARD 900 coating prior surface preparation is necessary. It can be applied either manually or with a polish machine. Use quality cleaning agent and do detail cleaning and decontamination of the surface. Remove all contaminants such as limescale, water spots, grease, oil, stains and dirt. After that, clean tiles with residue-free solution such as 70% isopropyl alcohol or similar free residue cleaner. Make sure that the surface is clean, dry and decontaminated before applying the coating. Spread TileGUARD 900,using microfiber application pad (included), gently and smoothly with circular movements to avoid any visible surplus on tiles. DONE!
Water resistant after 24 hours. Abrasion and cleaning resistant after 7 days.